BKB Xenith V2.1
BKB Xenith V2.1
BKB Xenith V2.1

BKB Xenith V2.1

V2.1 Refined Switch, No IMU/CAN
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Please see the version notes at the bottom of the page, the V2.1 does not have and IMU or CAN Transceiver

The BKB Xenith is a fully featured dual motor controller for your next esk8 project! It is compatible with hundreds of different motors, remotes, and battery configurations. With its single MCU architecture, setup is a breeze!


  • Built in switch: roll to start, auto shutoff when not in use
  • Dual aluminum alloy heatsinks
  • Medical grade silicone case
  • Integrated Bluetooth Module (connect to your favorite apps!)
  • USB C connector for wired programming

What's Included:

  • 1x BKB Xenith (Motor controller, dual heatsinks, silicone case)
  • 1x Integrated Bluetooth Module
  • 1x Momentary Switch
  • 1x USB C cable
  • 1x PPM Cable
  • Industry Leading USA Customer Support
  • 100 Day Pop It, Replace it Warranty (terms apply)

Tech Specs:

  • 160A Continuous Current
  • 300A Max Burst Current
  • 80A Motor Current (continuous)
  • Works with 3-12S Batteries (8V-51V)


Dimensions and Wires:

  • 115.5mm x 67mm x 18.13mm
  • Motor Wires: 12AWG
  • Motor Connector: MR60 or MT60 (female set included)
  • Battery Wires: 12AWG
  • Battery Connector: XT60-M
  • 12mm Momentary Switch
  • Multiple Heatsink Mounting Patterns

Please note, the Xenith V2 is no longer a drop in replacement for the Duo/Tayto. The connectors are different, so please email support to have them changed. 

Click to download the Xenith Easy UI

By purchasing this product you agree to the Xenith Warranty Terms & Conditions

Version History:

  • V1: Original Release
  • V2: Improved Switch Circuit
  • V2.1: Further refined switch circuit. NO IMU or CAN Transceiver placed on the PCB. Black silicone case with red heatsink



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