Enertion FOCBOX

$155.00 155.00

Features: Built into protective hard case, aluminium heatsink included, 5V 1A output for external devices, regenerative braking charges battery, sensored & sensorless motor control, powerful start torque on sensorless motors, Windows & Mac Compatible GUI, common Micro USB interface

Hardware Specifications: Voltage rating of components 8V-50V, compatible battery 3S to 12S, 120A peak current limit , 60A continuous current, 3.5mm bullet connectors

Footprint: 64mm x 64mm x 22mm
Motor wires: 50mm (3.5mm, 4mm, 5.5mm bullet connector) 
Power Wire: 40mm (XT60)

Warranty: 60 days that covers manufacturing defects

Dual Mounting Plate Available Here