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GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)
GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)

GPS Skate Tracker (GSM)


Track your board anywhere in the USA with this little GPS device! It uses GSM cell towers to text its location back to you. You can also enable motion and geo-fence alarms. You can wire it directly from your BMS with the included wire harness and the device has a 120mAh battery to track its location for ~30mins after power is completely lost. Board jacking and stolen packages are becoming all too common these days. Have extra piece of mind with the Skate Tracker!

This requires a GSM sim card (included from USMobile) with text only coverage. Plans start at $4.48/month but no plan is included with purchase. You can also get a plan with data and you will then have access to the mobile app for iOS and Android, along with the web tracking platform. This is not a cheap knockoff tracker that looks similar. This product actually has the GPS receiver! And its scary accurate!

Check your USMobile coverage and plan price here: https://www.usmobile.com/coverage


  • Dimensions: 67 x 34 x 12mm
  • 10-100v Input
  • Real time tracking
  • Built in 120mAh battery for when main power cuts out
  • Geo fence alarm
  • Waterproof
  • Operates off of GSM cell towers
  • 12mm discrete black push button switch


How To Use:

Text the tracker the following codes to receive data back in ~2 minutes

  • 1234 - sends back location of GPS tracker with a Google Map link and current speed
  • cs - sends back various data, the last of which say Vol: xxxV this is your input voltage which should be the same as the current battery voltage of the skateboard. 


  • GPS Tracker
  • USMobile Sim Card (GSM)
  • Pre-soldered wiring harness
  • Installation support

Please allow 6-10 business days for shipment. 


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