BKB Xenith 18S
BKB Xenith 18S
BKB Xenith 18S
BKB Xenith 18S
BKB Xenith 18S

BKB Xenith 18S

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BKB Xenith 18S

Designed specifically for dual-drive electric skateboards, the Xenith 18S stands out as one of the most sophisticated and refined motor controllers on the market. Capable of efficiently controlling two independent brushless motors simultaneously, it delivers power dynamically, propelling you into thrilling adventures. Encased in an anodized CNC aluminum housing, it ensures maximum durability and thermal efficiency. The internal Bluetooth module enables remote connectivity to your board for logging statistics and fine-tuning performance.


With a recommended maximum operating voltage of 84V (18S Li-Ion), the Xenith 18S exhibits excellent thermal performance under varied applications and environments. It can sustain settings of up to 100 max motor amps per motor, with the controller capable of maintaining 80 motor amps for several minutes.


Equipped with an integrated switch featuring an RGB LED, the Xenith 18S enables safe toggling of your system's power. When configured, the switch also provides a visual indication of the current battery level through a color gradient, transitioning from red to blue to green to represent 0%, 50%, and 100% battery remaining, respectively


the assembly features an integrated XT90 port. Motor leads feature 4mm Female Bullet Connectors, with mating bullets readily available from various online vendors. Additionally, the Xenith 18S offers ports for hall sensors, motor temperature sensors, and communication busses for external devices. The inclusion of JST PH 2mm connectors adheres to the standard outputs found in most VESC-based ESCs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of external devices. Furthermore, a USB-C port facilitates convenient connection and configuration via computer.


The Xenith 18S provides comprehensive support based on the VESC Platform, including dedicated apps for iOS and Web. Its firmware, based on VESC™ technology, is compatible with all third-party apps supporting the latest firmware versions. However, we recommend exclusively utilizing the official VESC™ software available at https://www.vesc-project.com/


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