Build Kit Boards is on a mission to make last-mile transportation educational, empowering, and affordable.

Our high-performance Build-It-Yourself electric skateboard kits are the industry standard for their premium quality, modular design, and user friendly assembly.

Tesla is known for their innovative electric cars, but you may not know that they do ZERO paid marketing. We take the same approach to marketing and believe the best way to promote our brand is by word of mouth.
If you build good products, the customer will naturally want to tell other people about it. That is why we never have, and never will do any paid marketing. Look us up online or talk to a friend, we let our adrenaline pumping speed machines do the talking.
Ikea is known for their plain flat cardboard boxes and DIY assembly. We applied this approach to the electric skateboard to revolutionize how customers interact with their board. By building a kit yourself you get to learn everything about the board. How it works, what parts are used, how things interact, and most importantly: how to fix it. Electric skateboards are vehicles after all. If anything does goes wrong you know exactly know how to fix it. Because the system is so modular you can also tweak and upgrade everything. We don't lock you into our system, so you can purchase parts from other vendors and swap them in and out.
Meet The Team:
  Photo of Quinten at Electrify Expo, New York 2022

Jared Ebersole, Founder

Quinten Distante, CEO

Jared has been designing electric skateboard parts since he was practically in the womb. He has a need for speed, and even sold his car to ride an esk8 everywhere he needs to go. You can find him on the streets of NYC, at the park with his Australian Shepard, or trying out a new restaurant. 
Jared's main role within BKB includes product design, manufacturing, and logistics of production!
Established in 2017, Build Kit Boards started out as a project building an electric skateboard. At the time, building your own board was complex, time consuming, and often didn't work out the first few tries. After spending the first 6 months tinkering, a prototype board was finally complete! Fast forward to current day and our Duo/Tayto kits make building your own electric skateboard a stress free and rewarding experience. We have now shipped kits to 24+ countries and encompassed a family of 5,000+ riders. So, what are you waiting for?! Come join us!
My name is Quinten, but most people call me Q. I am native to Long Island, NY, and love everything about adrenaline and action sports. From 40mph on a board to bungee jumping and skydiving, I am always looking to push my limits. Ever since I was a child, I was always fascinated by anything fast. I picked up BMX and skating at a young age and developed my niche as I grew. In high school, I got my first PEV, a 1000w Fat Tire E-bike, which today has over 8500 miles on it, even on something meant for comfort, I was pushing the limits, reaching 45 mph. Going fast was such a staple in my life that I even wrote my college essay about it, the first line being “I was born spoiled in speed”. Not to mention I was a sprinter going Division I for 400m and 110m Hurdling. As much as I could run and jump, it was the engineering behind speed that really intrigued me. Leaving sports due to injury, I dove back into my love for action sports, including PEVs. I got my first electric longboard in college which revolutionized my transportation habits. Quickly I became enamoured with the feeling Esk8 gave me and kept searching for more. Quickly learning that DIY was the best way to get high performance without the steep price point, I started researching. I soon realized how much I didn’t know and was overwhelmed. I started putting together my list of parts and heard about Build Kit Boards, which was exactly what I was looking for. After graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship and coming home I was introduced to Jared, I started hanging around BKB, and helping him wherever I could. After noticing BKB’s demand and Jared’s busy schedule, I proposed we partner up, so I can handle the day-to-day and he could focus on designing and producing BKB’s products. After many months of contracts, lawyers, and lots of advisement, we created Build Kit Boards, Inc. and the rest is history!