BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!
BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!
BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!
BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!
BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!

BKB Voyager V2: Coming Soon!

75% off
V2: We are currently working on updating the Voyager and it's features. Not only will we be updating our safety and connectivity, and Esk8 compatibility, we'll be optimizing for VESC OneWheels! We're currently working on deciphering which features are able to be implemented on the V2.
We're using your feedback to create the Voyager V2, feel free to share any of your thoughts with us via email or Instagram!
(Updated February 27th, 2024)
The Voyager was designed with one thing in mind; create the most comfortable electric skateboard remote ever made. Then, we added a suite of modern features to revolutionize how you interact and control your board.
  • Ergonomic and natural design (its Designed To Ride)
  • 0.95in display
  • Joystick throttle with custom spring force
  • USB C charging
  • 400mAh battery for ~12 hours of battery life
  • PCB and software design by Spintend (reliable, integrates with their ESC)
  • Accessory mounting at the bottom of the remote
  • V4, V6, and custom USB C cable included
  • Over molded TPU throttle for comfort and grip
  • 3 Customizable riding modes
  • Mileage tracker
  • Throttle Cover, USB Cover, and Fang
    • Fire Red, Royal Blue, Mango Orange, Heather Purple

Installation, Setup, and Usage Instructions:


What's Included:

  • 1x Voyager Remote
  • 1x Receiver
  • 1x V4 Cable
  • 1x V6 Cable
  • 1x Custom USB C Cable
  • 1x Griptape for bottom of case
  • 1x Y Axis Throttle Lock (if you do not want 2 axis movement)
  • 1x Fang Tail
  • 1x Lanyard


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