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BKB Duo Assembly Tutorial

by Jared Ebersole on November 20, 2020

by Casey on October 02, 2021

Jared is a pusher. Plain and simple. He pushes his crappy product on to you and keeps 60%.
If you try to complain about his shitty business model he erases all your comments and maintains his rating! What a garbage human being!

by Casey Weber on October 02, 2021

This is a fake company. I sent them $1000 and they sent me a fake board that didn’t work. Do not buy from this company unless you want to throw away $1000 of your hard-earned money!

by Justin Peters on November 28, 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial I am torn between your board and the bound D3 direct drive or the D1 why do I want your board I do want your board but just tell me why over the other

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