1/4" shock risers with mounting hardware
10s3p 9000mAh 30Q Battery
CONTACT US FOR BATTERY SALES! The battery is 9000mAh with a 45 a discharge constant and much higher...
Made from Samsing 30Q cells for 9AH capacity and 60A continuous discharge. Fits perfectly in the Spud/Tayto Enclosure...
The all-new 120mm Cloud Wheels from I-Wonder (same as Slick Revolution). These provide a cushier ride compared to...
Specs: 15t HTD5 (single wall, not dual wall as pictured) Made from high strength steel 15mm Wide 8mm...
Includes: 1x Male Connector 1x Female Connector
15mm wide
Timing belts for electric skateboard drivetrain. 255m length with 9mm, 12mm, 15mm widths available.