BKB Duo Full Review

by Jared Ebersole on August 28, 2020

Patrick Phillips touches on every detail about the BKB Duo!

by Jean-Patrick Simard on September 15, 2020

I should add that it was Mister Philips that convinced me to buy the board in the first place…

by Jean-Patrick Simard on September 15, 2020

Like Mister Philips, I’m also a heavier rider at 230lbs. Frankly, I abound with review presented in the video without exception. I would further add that I find the Duo to justify the hassle of importation into Canada.

Personally, I went for the stiffer deck, and bought the 6in Pneumatic Tires on top. I like a firm deck, and the stiffer deck still has enough flex to absorb vibrations. As for the wheels, the 97mm Wheels will do very well for most uses. Having the 6in Pneumatic Tires, I intend to use them when I go camping in some national park, but I could see someone wanting those on asphalt to get the smoothest ride possible. This is not to say that the 97mm Wheels aren’t smooth, they are already very smooth and will push rocks and debris out of the way with ease. The pneumatic tires are just smoother.

By the way, the acceleration is phenomenal, even in an incline. Accelerating on this board will give you a very nice rush every time.

I have no regrets at all for purchasing the Duo.

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