BKB Duo Nominated as Best Board Under $1,000!

by Jared Ebersole on October 08, 2020

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by TJ Lewis on October 12, 2020

Jared at Build Kit Board has been great! The best part you ask? In most cases you actually get a response to questions and concerns on the same day. Worst case the following day. The quality of the components and the ability to ride smooth and slow or scare the hell out of yourself fast is seamless. I have 4 boards. Zealot, Wowgo AT2, Flex and now the Duo. Currently I am running 105 cloudwheels with the stock 40t pulleys. Smooth is an understatement. I also purchased 48t pulleys in order to run 120mm cloudwheels while maintaining close to the same torque as the 97mm PU wheels. In my humble opinion those who are thinking about ordering the Duo should pull the trigger! It’s all upside when compared with other boards.

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