BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit

Version: v2.0 (Type R)
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The BKB Duo is an easy to assemble, high-performance DIY electric skateboard kit that includes all of the parts, tools, and tutorials required for assembly. Learn how every part of an electric skateboard works by assembling it yourself! There is no better feeling than riding something YOU built.

We completely redesigned the kit from the ground up to be a better looking, more reliable, and highly versatile platform to build your dream board. 

How easy is it to assemble (V1)?

Whats Included (Outdated V1):



Voyager Remote

  • The first electric skateboard remote designed to be comfortable
  • 12 hour battery life
  • 0.95in Screen for live data
  • Channel hopping technology for extreme signal strength
  • TPU coated throttle for comfort and grip

Modular Drivetrain

  • Our drivetrain is designed in house and is completely modular. You can use hundreds of different wheel types. The board will come stock with Flywheel pulleys, so any wheel with a genuine/clone flywheel core will work (ABEC11, Cloudwheels, etc). With a swap of wheel pulleys you can use any wheel with a Kegel core (Otang, Hyperdrive, Boa’s, TB110, etc). We have also designed a 6" Pneumatic wheel that is easily swapped and allows you to go over much more rugged terrain. All of this can be swapped in and out in less than 4 minutes.

Tru-Flex Deck

  • We took special consideration when designing the deck. A lot of our customers modify the boards to go 40+ mph, so it needs to be stable at speed. Our Tru-Flex deck will be stable at these speeds and will return to center quickly after going over an obstacle. This means that the board will flex downwards, upwards, and then return to center (not modulate up and down).
  • 5mm Foam Griptape helps absorb road vibrations
  • Optional drop through mounting. The standard motor mounts will not work by drop through, but the option is there

BKB Xenith V2 ESC

  • This allows you to customize exactly how the board rides. Switching remotes, motors, batteries, etc has never been easier! It also allows you to tune the acceleration/brake curve exactly how you want. We send it stock with an aggressive curve, meaning you can quickly get up to speed and smoothly stop just as fast. However, if you're a more casual rider, you can change a few settings to have a boosted like throttle response. This is only a brief mention of what the VESC is capable of, there is so much more!

Dual 3000W Motors

  • Our dual 3000W motors provide a combined maximum of 6000W at peak power. Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of torque to beat any Chinese board off the line, and climb any hill you can find.

Rapid Charger - Decrease the charging time by ~40%

  • Please choose the appropriate plug for your country (only options shown are available). The charger works on 110/220V input


Xenith Bluetooth Module for Live Metrics

  • This bluetooth module will allow you to view real-time data, track rides, check battery voltage, etc. You can also use this to wirelessly program the VESC (capabilities mentioned above). There are iOS, Apple Watch and Android apps available (not designed by us). XMatic for iPhone and VESC Tool for Android.
  • By purchasing this accessory, we will pre-install the Bluetooth module into the Xenith V2 ESC (under the silicone cover).

TorqueMonster Upgrade Kit

  • Unlock the full potential of your BKB Duo! This kit provides extended trucks which will give your board a completely different feel, making it more stable at top speed, easier to carve, and all around more fun to ride! Paired with the 6384 motors (60% larger than the stock 6354 motors) you will have an insane amount of torque to carry you, your backpack, your dog, and tow your truck all at the same time. Seriously. 8000W of adrenaline pumping power.
  • This kit replaces the standard trucks and motors. You will only receive the upgraded parts.
  • Includes: 236MM Extended Trucks and 6384 Motors

Belt Guards - Extend belt life and prevent pebbles from getting caught in the belt!

  • Get 50% off replacement belts for the lifetime of the board by purchasing the belt guards!

20T Speed Upgrade - Include 2x larger 20T motor pulleys and 2x 275M belts

  • This increases the board's top speed at the slight expense of torque. Please see this chart to see the final top speed for you wheel size and pulley combo

Kegel Wheel Pulleys - Includes 2x 40T Kegel Wheel Pulleys and 2x F608ZZ Bearing

  • Allows you to use any wheel with a Kegel Core (Otang, TB110, etc)

Spare Belt - If purchased, includes 1x spare 265M Belt

  • If you need a different size, please order from this link

Extended Product Protection:

All of our kits have a bumper to bumper standard warranty included for 3 months that covers absolutely everything on the board (minus the standard stuff like water damage, wrecks, etc). You can choose to extend the protection period by periods of three, six, or twelve months. Effective from the date of delivery.

     What's the difference between the BKB Duo and BKB Duo Type R?

    The only difference between the Duo and the Type R is the battery. They share the exact same drivetrain, deck, and enclosure. The battery in the Type R is a higher voltage and larger capacity. This means it will have slightly higher performance and you will be able to ride for approximately three times as long. More specifically the Type R will accelerate harder and and go slightly faster.

     BKB Duo BKB Duo Type R
    Battery 10s3p Molicel P26A 12s5p Molicel P42A
    Battery Watt-hours 280wh 908wh
    Battery Cell Size 18650 21700
    Range (97mm Wheels) 20 miles 60 miles
    Range (105mm Wheels) 18 miles 54 miles
    Range (6in AT Wheels) 10-14 miles 30-42 miles
    Top Speed (97mm Wheels) / 20T Speed 28mph / 35mph 32mph / 42mph
    Top Speed (105mm Wheels)  / 20T Speed 30mph / 36mph 34mph / 44mph
    Top Speed (6in AT Wheels)  / 20T Speed 26mph / 35mph 32mph / 42mph

    Stock Setup: 15T/40T/97mm Wheels/10S Battery

    Motor Pulley Wheel Pulley Belt Size Wheel Size Top Speed (Duo)
    15T 40T 315M
    97MM 28MPH
    15T 40T 315M
    105MM 30MPH
    15T 60T 375M 150MM 26MPH
    20T 40T 315M
    97MM 34MPH
    20T 40T 315M
    105MM 36MPH
    20T 60T 375M
    150MM 35MPH


    Version History:

    V1.0 - Original Release

    V1.1 - Added a heatsink to address overheating issues

    V1.2 - Upgraded ESC to the BKB Xenith V2. Bluetooth module no longer comes standard

    V2.0 - Released the Type R with larger battery. Redesigned aestetics, black board with abstract design on bottom and foam griptape. Rear facing motor mounts and updated heatsink.


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