12s1p Battery Pack & Rail
12s1p Battery Pack & Rail
12s1p Battery Pack & Rail
12s1p Battery Pack & Rail
12s1p Battery Pack & Rail

12s1p Battery Pack & Rail

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RailCore: A modular battery and enclosure system, allowing you to easily create multiple vehicles powered by one swappable and stackable battery system. RailCore batteries can stack up to three packs at a time, in parallel. Providing the opportunity to have a battery size perfect for each ride!

This 12s1p Battery is FAA compliant and should be accepted by most airlines.

12s1p Battery Pack - This 12s1p Battery pack utilizes 18650 Molicel P28A, with a smart BMS Built into the battery packs base. This smart BMS allows you to connect up to 3 batteries together in parallel, increasing your range and overall output.

RailCore batteries utilize a built in smart BMS within the batteries enclosure.

Integrated non-bypassed BMS
- 50A max discharge current
- 10A max charge current

12s1p Molicel P26A
- 35A max discharge per battery
- 2,600mAh

Dimensions: 160 mm Width x 160 mm Length x 45 mm Height

Rail: 69.5 mm Width x 86.8 mm Length x 18.3 mm Height


  • 1x 12s1p RailCore Battery
  • 2x RailCore Rail Segment
  • 4x Rail Hardware

RailCore Battery Pack Specs:

Battery  12s1p  12s2p
Range*  ~6 miles ~15-20 miles
Weight  ~ 2 lbs.  ~ 4 lbs.
Dimensions  160 x 160mm  160 x 160mm
Cell  18650 Molicel P28A  21700 Samsung 50E
Capacity  2,800mAh  5,000mAh
Discharge Current  15A  19.6A
BMS + Protections  Built in   Built in


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