The diagram below shows how to wire a BesTech D223 BMS with the extra connectors, charge port, and switch.

To successfully install a BMS you should:

  1. Wire the B- wire shown in the bottom left of the diagram. This is very important that you do this first!
  2. Solder the switch to the two thing white wires and make sure it is in the off position.
  3. Solder your XT60 black wire to P-, do not wire the B+ wire yet. Be sure this does not touch anything. 
  4. Install your charging port JST connector to C- and the red wire from your XT60 connector (or run this back to B+ in the pack with an extra 22AWG wire).
  5. Install the balance leads. Then plug them in. 
  6. Solder your red wire from the XT60 connector to B+