First, gather all the required parts:

  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Pulley
  • Pulley Hub
  • 1x Standard and 1x Exteneded Bearing
  • 5x M4 Bolts

1.) Thread the locknut onto the axle

By threading the locknut on the axle, you put 'teeth' marks in the nylon portion that allow you to install it in reverse. You only need to reverse the locknut if your axles length requires it (Caliber 2).

Then practice installing the locknut in reverse. It is pretty tricky the first time, but becomes much easier after you have done it a few times. After you have it down, remove the locknut.

2.) Install the front and rear wheel bearings

3.) Press the pulley hub into the wheel

The pulley hubs are designed to be a very tight press fit. This ensures they never move around. You may be able to press them in with your hand, but ensure the hub is centered in the wheel. You can also use an arbor press, clamps, or vice to help press the hub in.

4.) Install the pulley

Place the pulley on the hub and gather the 5x M4 bolts. Place threadlocker on the end of each of the bolts and tighten them down. 

5.) Install the wheel and speed ring

Place 1 speed ring on the truck and then install the wheel

Finally, install the locknut in reverse on the truck

Thats it! Enjoy the ride, and dont forget to send us your pictures!