Xenith Warranty Terms & Conditions

The Xenith is designed for experienced builders. As a DIY product it requires specific setup that is unique to every situation. By purchasing a Xenith you acknowledge that you have the necessary knowledge and experience required to setup and program the ESC.

By purchasing any of our products you acknowledge that you unequivocally wave all rights against Summit Labs LLC (DBA Build Kit Boards), its owners, or employees. This includes property damage, personal injury, and anything else that results from the use of our products.

The Xenith has a 100 day warranty that starts on the day you receive the product. It does NOT start on the day it is first used (when ever that is). To activate your warranty you must complete the Xenith Warranty Form and have it approved by an employee of Build Kit Boards. Build Kit Boards has the right to deny a warranty claim for any reason.

The 100 day warranty covers damage to the Xenith that was the direct fault of ONLY the Xenith. The warranty does not cover things like water damage, shorting of the battery cables, shorting of the phase leads, physical impact, or any other cause as determined by Build Kit Boards.