Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit
Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit

Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit

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The Signature BKB Tayto, Back and better than ever!

This is an easy to assemble, high-performance DIY electric skateboard kit that includes all of the parts, tools, and tutorials required for assembly. Learn how every part of an electric skateboard works by assembling it yourself! There is no better feeling than riding something YOU built.

All of our kits now feature RailCore - the modular system that allows you to build any PEV you'd like. The most expensive part is the ESC and battery - so now you can use the same ones on your longboard, shortboard, bike, scooter, or whatever you can mount our rail to! Plus, we do not lock you into our technology for the rest of the board, so you can still swap out the belts, pulleys, ESC, bearings, and everything else!


    6354 Motors

    • 160kv
    • 3000W Maximum Power
    • 8mm Shaft with D-Bore - new pulley mounting system (no more set screws)!

    Modular Drivetrain

    • Our drivetrain is designed in house and is completely modular. You can use hundreds of different wheel types. The board will come stock with Flywheel pulleys, so any wheel with a genuine/clone flywheel core will work (ABEC11, Cloudwheels, etc). With a swap of wheel pulleys you can use any wheel with a Kegel core (Otang, Hyperdrive, Boa’s, TB110, etc). All of this can be swapped in and out in less than 4 minutes.

    Tayto Deck

    • The Tayto deck is now the go to for riders around the world wanting a compact electric skateboard that can be ridden at high speeds. The aggressive concave locks in your feet and the wheel wells provide a great place to plant your foot. The 2" kicktail at the back is perfect for making tight turns while not getting in the way. At 31" it is the perfect compact campus cruiser.

    LingYi ESC and Remote

    • We utilize the LingYi ESC and remote to provide unparalleled performance and reliability. While VESC based ESCs are customizable, they are not as reliable as we need them to be. Everything is developed in-house at LingYi, so the remote connection will be rock solid and you will never have to worry about the ESC leaving you hanging. Plus it has all of the cool features such as roll to start, forward and reverse power, 4 riding modes, and much more!

    All About RailCore:
    RailCore is our modular, quick-connect battery enclosure system. RailCore allows you to easy mount, or remove your battery with ease, along with being able to connect them in parallel! (3 packs maximum). The RailCore ESC and Batteries connect via XT90 connectors which slide together when mounting, once you've installed your pin to lock in the modules, you're ready to ride! Then when its time to switch batteries you can do so in under 5 seconds. Or, you can leave them all on the board to charge at once. 

    RailCore batteries are built to perform. While they are just as capable on their own, a single battery may experience battery sag. Refer to this chart to have accurate expectations:

    Battery (Quantity)

    Battery Sag



    12s1p (1)



    6 Mi

    12s1p (2)



    12 Mi

    12s1p (3)



    20 Mi

    12s2p (1)



    15 Mi

    12s2p (2)



    35 Mi

    12s2p (3)



    60 Mi

    Tayto & Campus models can fit up to 2 battery packs underneath the deck at a time. 

    Battery Size: 

    We offer two different battery sizes, 12s1p and 12s2p. Both of these options have their own strengths, which we will highlight here to best gauge your options. All specifications below are for 1 battery. If you have 2 or 3 batteries in parallel you need to double or triple the values accordingly. 

    Battery  12s1p 12s2p
    Range*  ~6 miles ~15-20 miles
    Weight 2 lbs. 4.75 lbs.
    Dimensions 160 x 160mm 160 x 160mm
    18650 Molicel P28A 21700 Samsung 50E
    Capacity 2,800mAh 5,000mAh
    Discharge Current 15A 19.6A
    BMS + Protections Built in  Built in

    *Range estimations are with 97mm wheels, 170lb rider, moderate speed, and moderate hills. Actual range is hard to predict and highly dependent on on your weight, temperature, elevation gain, wheel type, and riding style. 

    Battery Quantity:

    While the Tayto has a maximum capacity of two packs at a time, you can always carry one with you for when you need some more power! Please mind that range is dependent on riding style, conditions, and intensity.\

    Wheel Type:

    97mm Polyurethane-  Premium flywheel style longboard wheels. 90mm width / 78a hardness. These wheels provide a buttery smooth ride perfect for your electric skateboard. Fits Flywheel style pulleys.

    105mm Cloud WheelsDiscovery Cloud Wheels from I-Wonder. These provide a cushier ride compared to standard urethane wheels. They are great for rough roads and take imperfections more like a pneumatic wheel. (Cloud Wheel compatibility pack recommended)

    Included 100 Day Warranty Policy

    All kits come with a 100 day warranty that covers manufacturer errors. We will provide free replacement parts during this time period, and after the 100 days are up we can provide replacement parts at a discounted cost if needed! 

    We also offer an Extended Warranty! The timeframe selected will be added to the end of the 100 Days. 


      20T Speed Upgrade - Include 2x larger 20T motor pulleys (Dual Only)

      • This increases the boards top speed at the slight expense of torque.

      EU / UK / AUS Charger Plug - We'll replace our USA Type-A wall plug with whichever plug your country of origin uses!

        Spare Belt - Includes 1x spare 280M Belt

        • If you need a different size, please order from this link

        Pre-Assembly - Have the board assembled for you! We'll build the board and ship it to you with minimal work to get riding! (work may include attaching truck hangers to baseplates)

        Skateboard Combo Pack by ShredLights - Illuminate your ride with compact, strong, and long-lasting 600 lumen headlights and 80 lumen rear lights designed specifically for electric skateboards and longboards. Choose the ideal mounts for a seamless, hidden appearance that won't disrupt your regular use.

        Version History:

        V1.0 Original Release

        V1.1 Upgraded motor mounts for reliability

        V1.2 Replace the stock FSESC with the BKB Xenith ESC (Only on Dual Motor, Single Motor still uses the Single FSESC 4.20 Mini)

        V1.3 Upgraded motor mounts to stronger rear facing. The motor mounts no longer sit between the trucks. The new motor mounts now sit under the tail. Solid griptape sheet instead of hexagons

        V2.0 Incremental improvements in reliability. 

        V3.0 RailCore! Everything has changed: easier assembly, more reliable parts, more modularity, new comfortable stiff decks, and more


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