Extended Trucks + 6384 Motor Upgrade Kit
Extended Trucks + 6384 Motor Upgrade Kit
Extended Trucks + 6384 Motor Upgrade Kit
Extended Trucks + 6384 Motor Upgrade Kit

Extended Trucks + 6384 Motor Upgrade Kit

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Unlock the full potential of your BKB Duo! This kit provides extended trucks which will give your board a completely different feel, making it more stable at top speed, easier to carve, and all around more fun to ride! Paired with the 6384 motors (60% larger than the stock 6354 motors) you will have an insane amount of torque to carry you, your backpack, your dog, and tow your truck all at the same time. This kit is designed as an upgrade to your current Duo.

6384 Motors:

  • 63mm Diamater, 84mm Length
  • 30 & 44mm Mounting Hole Pattern
  • MR60 Phase Wire Connector
  • JST-ZH 6pin 2.0mm Sensor Wire Connector
  • 120 Degree Hall Effect Sensors
  • 8mm shaft with 7mm D-Bore (16mm long)
  • 4000W (25% more power than 6354 motors)
  • 190kv
  • Max Current: 100Amps
  • Max Voltage: 12S 50.4V


  • 2x Extended 236mm Trucks (Baseplate, Hanger, Pivot Cup, Bushing, Kingpin)
  • 2x 6384 Motors
  • 2x 15T 15mm Pulleys

Does NOT Include:

  • Does not include 15mm wide belts. You can continue to use your own 12mm belts unless you get skipping. Then you can purchase 15mm wide belts (from another vendor) and use them with the 15mm wide motor pulley and 12mm wheel pulley. 
  • Does not include motor mounts, wheel pulleys, or fasteners. It is designed as an upgrade, so all of the other parts can be reused from the Duo. 

You will need to reprogram the Xenith ESC once these motors are installed. You can do so by following this tutorial.


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